What I do as a Buyer’s Agent:

My primary mission isn’t to sell you on anything, it’s to represent your best interests, to give you the benefit of all my experience and education as though you are family. 

  1. Map active, under contract and sold properties that meet your search criteria to help you get a comprehensive understanding of the market niche in your criteria.
  1. Schedule showings, showing tours, prepare all information up-front so you have disclosures, taxes and other pertinent information while you are looking.
  1. Provide you with easy-to-use checklists to help you compare properties later when you are making your decision. If you want, I’ll take photos and email them to you.
  1. Help you locate good sources of mortgage loans, help negotiate the terms of those loans and work effectively with the lender.
  1. Give you honest opinions about pros and cons of the properties to help you make a sound decision. I will try and talk you out of buying homes you like but may be difficult to resell.
  1. Help you through offer paperwork of various types and provide you with custom addendums that provide you with substantial protections not provided in standard contracts.
  1. Help you create a negotiating strategy by providing you a multidimensional analysis of your property of interest.  I will not take the negotiating process over for you but I will give you expert advice and let you make the final decision.
  1. Recommend professional inspectors that may save you thousands of dollars by discovering problems not necessarily visible to the eye.
  1. Assist in interpreting inspection results and making the decision as to move forward with the purchase.  Again, this is your decision but I can add valuable perspective.
  1. Assist with interpreting documents like HOA finances and title commitments, making sure you get all the right documents and pushing for additional information and documents when info and experience demand it.
  1. Assist in coordinating communications between the lender, title-company, seller and you so that everything is properly prepared for closing. 
  1. Help you through the closing process and closing documents.
  1. Communicate with you, be your confidant, advisor and colleague through the process and beyond

Buying a home is the biggest investment many people will make in their lifetimes, you deserve someone who takes their fiduciary responsibilities seriously.  Call me today (586) 913-4275